Email Platform Features

Inbox Analysis

Test your campaigns against several email clients and junk filtering systems.

Multivariate Testing

Superior AB Split Testing allowing you to compare up to 26 campaign versions and automatically send the best.

Auto & Triggered Emails

Welcome customers with automatic emails, trickle campaigns and birthday wishes with our powerful triggered email feature.

Social Sharing

Email is definably social. Using the PurpleFruit system you can automatically tweet your campaigns and allow your subscribers to share your content across social media sites.

Create and Send Stunning Emails

Simply and quickly create and send email newsletters to subscriber lists. PurpleFruit offers an array of tools to help from beginners with no experience right the way through to expert professionals.

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All email marketers appreciate the importance of email deliverability and It’s always our top priority to get your emails into the inboxes.

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Integrate with Google Analytics

The PurpleFruit system will help manage all of your email lists automatically. You will never need to fret about unsubscribers, bounces or duplicate subscriptions.

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Email features at PurpleFruit Marketing
Email features at PurpleFruit Marketing


See precisely when your emails have been opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and much more. We never charge you for additional reporting. We provide reporting on everything you need to gauge the success of your emails.


Stay in tune with customer interests and desires, create engaging surveys and forms. Really drill down into what matters to your customers and subscribers