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Social marketing is an amazing branding tool. Online businesses need to brand themselves properly if they want to stand a hope of distinguishing themselves from the competition, becoming memorable and boosting traffic.

Consistent branding is even more important

Consistency will help you to attract more visitors, increase sales, generate more profits and keep your customers more ‘tuned’ into products and events.

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Enjoy all benefits of social media

Our social media branding service will help you to enjoy all the benefits of effective social media branding. We will provide you with a complete, satisfaction-guaranteed service, helping you to create a consistent brand that will be attractive to every visitor.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest and most important social networks for most companies, so we provide a specialist service for each of these.

Facebook has over a billion users across the world. People spend a huge amount of time on the site when they visit, and this is a great reason to make sure you have a presence on Facebook.

We will help you to create your own page and welcome visitors to it with a unique design. We produce high-quality custom designs, so whether you want to display newsletter opt-ins, social links, video, new products or anything else, we can do it.

You can then enjoy getting more fans, more likes and more profit.

On Twitter, your success is determined by your brand. With a custom background designed by a professional and a Twitter header, you will create more impact with more imagery related to your business.

For just £20, we’ll design a custom background for you, and you can include the Twitter header as well to grab peoples attention and make even more of an impact.

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Do you want some help with your social marketing? We’d love to provide you with a helping hand, so feel free to get in contact. We’re a friendly bunch and there’s no obligation, we can advise on what would be best for you and your business - so give us a call.

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