Social Account Marketing Management

When used strategically over time, it can be said that social media is the most powerful and effective marketing strategy in the world.

However, this does not happen overnight, time, dedication and hard work has to be put in to develop this platform as a lever for success


Customer Profile

Initially, we develop a customer profile simply by researching and targeting a demographic audience that have similar aspirations to what your business provides. Once the potential customer is identified we then follow them on twitter allowing them to see the service that your business offers. They will then see that the business caters to their needs, gain interest and then ultimately follow back. It is evident from previous packages that one third of accounts followed will follow you back; meaning that out of approximately 150 accounts we follow over the space of a month, they will generate approximately 50 followers back.

Purple Power Package

600 followers on the purple power package is ultimately the highest number of users in terms of how many accounts we may have to follow in order to gain this amount of reciprocated follow backs. Usually, 500 followers is the average number of users that we aim for in order to comply with the Twitter and Facebook rules and regulations.


Tweets and updates in packages will be created to target and encourage users to engage in your business. The topic of conversation will be to generate a solution to a problem. This will be done by discussing the customer’s needs/ problems, leading to a solution that your business is able to provide and then to ultimately offer information and direction for the customer to obtain the service.

Furthermore, the conversation held will be viewable to the users that follow your company and to the potential customer that is tweeting back to us, thus allowing other users to become involved in the conversation and to therefore generate a wider range of advertisement. In addition, this package allows us to answer any questions, comments and queries from customers allowing us to maintain a high quality aftercare customer service and an on-going dialogue.

​Any technical or order related questions would be forced on to yourself ​and we will respond with your answer