Why Search Engine Optimisation

So what’s all the fuss about with Search Engine Optimisation?

There are lots of benefits to expert SEO

  • Boost the number of pages ranked by the search engines
  • High rankings and better positioning of web pages
  • Increase in quality of visitor
  • A Boost in quantity of visitors
  • A Boost in leads and sales
Search Marketing at PurpleFruit Marketing

Extra benefits using PurpleFruit to SEO

 Everything is above board, white hat SEO strategies mean we don’t ever do any SEO tasks that might lead to your website being penalised or even worse potential banned by the search engines.

 Each link PurpleFruit builds on your behalf remains yours forever, they are permanent. With a lot of our competition sometimes you will find you are just renting the links, this means as soon as you stop paying everything you have paid to build up is lost.

 PurpleFruit work to build a foundation network for your website to increase the power of our core strategies and links. We work to make your website an authority as far as the search engines are concerned. So the longer we build the foundations the stronger and greater your authority becomes which in turn means keywords and pages are listed and ranked quicker.

Varied Selection of Links

Its important search engines want see an organic or natural selection of link types and for this reason we create a extremely varied selection of links.

No Tie or Contract

There is never any tie in or contract with any of the PurpleFruit services, we rely on the results to bring you back each month.

Live Ranking System

Stay in the know with our live ranking system, login and view how you rank for each keyword day by day, you can even track your competitors!

Take a look at our live ranking system