Email and SMS Managed Campaigns

Our managed campaigns are designed to provide you with hassle-free email and SMS marketing, utilising our expertise and experience across all aspects of your campaigns.

Direct marketers

Remembering that first and foremost PurpleFruit are direct marketers, and understand what it takes to make a good campaign a great campaign. Effective email and SMS marketing requires more than just a pretty design and a system to deliver it. It requires understanding, pre-planning, constructive data management and more. The problem here is this takes time, and we understand that not everyone has this.

Designed to provide a complete solution

Our managed services are designed to provide you with a complete email and/or SMS marketing solution, taking care of every aspect of the campaign, and unlike other providers, we will work with you on your business model ensuring that what you are trying to achieve will work.

Our out the box managed services allow you to deliver stunning campaigns, expertly assembled to achieve the results that will help you grow your business:

  • Stage1 Understanding the Concept
    Is about understanding the concept, working with you to ensure you are sending the correct message through the correct medium, that the information fits and the call to action is one that will work.
  • Stage 2 Deliver Targeted Content
    Is focused around your data. How accurate is it, how is it being developed, expanded and grown. Using behavioral and segmentation queries to deliver targeted content to individuals works well, but involves maintaining and developing your contacts throughout your campaigns. PurpleFruit will help you build and developed your own opted list.
  • Stage 3Design and Content
    The design and content of your campaigns. Effective design needs to look amazing, feature attention grabbing content that generates interest and displays correctly across browsers and preview panels. Our experienced design team can generate campaigns that capture your readers attention, driving them to hot-spots within the email as well as making your brand stand out and look professional.
  • Stage 4 Heavy emphasis on best practice
    Focuses on delivery, something we do better than anyone else. Our dedicated servers are well known by ISPs and we put a heavy emphasis on best practice, spam-free, ethical sending. We will send your campaign out for you, using tested subject lines that work for your business model and a historical evaluation of the best days and times to reach your customers.
  • Stage 5 Reporting and analysis
    We will deliver you the reports, as well as go through them, analyze them, provide recommendations and discuss ways to improve results for future campaigns. Our experience really comes into play here and this analysis will form the basis of the next campaign, strengthening your marketing efforts and ensuring you continue to develop your customers and produce effective emails that generate business and increase awareness.