Brand Repair & Brand Recovery

Brand Protection: How it works?

When we start work on your brand protection, we begin by discussing the keywords that you want to protect. We will then create a strategy based on these keywords, this may incorporate the use of existing websites or the creation of additional properties and the publishing of new content such as guest posts and press releases.

Our Geeks use SEO strategies on multiple websites and pages at the same time to affect the results that appear in the search engines so that they will all link to positive or neutral pages. That way, if someone does publish negative information about you or your brand online, it will only show up on page three or lower where it won’t have as much of an impact on you or your brand.

Brand Repair

Negative results already showing up? If this is the case you will need to turn your focus towards brand repair.

Brand repair is often more difficult than brand protection because we are trying to push the negative information down the rankings. If focusing on brand protection rather than Brand repair we have time on our side and it will be a lot more difficult for competitors to get negative results onto the first page. Which is a huge advantage that we will not have when carrying out brand repair. Although we have carried out several brand repair campaigns, in which we use similar strategies to force the negative results down and out of the first page.

We work with you to look at strategies that will get the negative pages out of the results as soon as possible.

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