Penalty Recovery

Beginning the come back

Recently many webmasters have found their websites suddenly dropping in the search engine rankings and they often have no idea why. It can often be the result of a search engine penalty than can occur for a variety of reasons.

It is very frustrating when you suddenly find that you can not count upon your search traffic any longer, lots of companies end up in a panic when this happens to them. We have helped several clients to recover their search rankings following a penalty and we will happily do the same for you.

Search Engine Penalties

Websites are often affected by the changes to the search engine algorithms, which can sometimes be very significant. Algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin etc, are often introduced to improve the quality of search results, although they can have an effect on your ranking even if you did not realise that you were doing anything wrong.

Alternatively Google may send you a warning via your Webmaster account stating that you are involved in a practice that could have a detrimental effect on your search ranking if you do not make the changes. Penalties differ, you may be dropped 10 positions or 500 positions depending upon the size of the penalty.

Webmasters often will have no idea what is going on and they will only find out that something is up when their visitor numbers suddenly plummet for no known reason.

Multi- Recovery Strategy

Our Geeks can help you regain your rankings after you have been hit by a penalty. We do not have a universal strategy because every case is different, for that reason we use a multi-recovery strategy that has proven to be highly effective in a range of different situations.

The penalty could be due to a wide range of issues including server issues, the website code, the content, backlinks, internal links, social to name a few. Our geeks strategy involves going over every single detail to work out what the problem is and once our geeks pinpoint the problem they will compose a plan to get it fixed as quickly as possible.