Search Marketing

Attracts Visitors

PurpleFruit understand that the most crucial aspect of any website is to make sure it attracts visitors that are then ultimately converted into customers.

Search Marketing at PurpleFruit Marketing
Strong Foundation

Therefore, we build a strong foundation for your website by ensuring that it becomes an authority within internet search engines.

Increase website exposure

Having your website on page one in Google rankings increases website exposure by generating traffic and web leads. Your website will become the first link to catch the eye of your demographic thus allowing you to build your online brand.

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Google Adwords Management

PurpleFruit boosts your Google Adwords performance that allows your advert to be placed next to Google search results to increase web traffic and sales.

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Adwords management scheme

Our Adwords management scheme allows you to increase your profit, drive click throughs and to increase customer sales conversions.
In addition, PurpleFruit maximise your ROI and reduce your budget making your business successful and profitable.