Email Integration

At PurpleFruit we have always believed in collaboration and partnership, working together to make products and services better for all, on that note If you’re a developer and you’d like to build your own integration for PurpleFruit, There’s no fee to integrate. Just get in contact

Our integration with Clicktale allows you to watch your email subscriber’s behavior once they land on your website. You can see videos and reports of specific demographics visiting your site. This 360 degree view of your web landscape allows you to tweak your site design to maximize conversion.

One-click Google Analytics integration makes it easy to track how email subscribers are engaging with your website. But we make it even more powerful by pulling data back into your email marketing reports. You’ll see exactly how much web traffic your email marketing generated

Our import driver for Salesforce allows you to easily import contacts from your CRM into your email marketing accounts. Simply enter in your login, password and security token and we’ll connect with Salesforce and pull your contacts into Purplefruit.

Email integration at PurpleFruit Marketing
Email integration at PurpleFruit Marketing

SugarCRM users can easily import contacts into PurpleFruit. Our import driver pulls your contacts into your email marketing account and allows you to choose which lists and groups to add them to. It’s a fast way to get your data from Sugar into Purplefruit.

Get Tactile CRM contacts into Purplefruit in an instant using our import driver. Simply enter in your Tactile Site Name and API Token. Then you’ll choose people or organizations and let us do the heavy lifting.

Our import driver with ZohoCRM pulls your contacts into Purplefruit in an instant. Simply enter your Zoho login and password and you’re off to the races. We connect to Zoho directly and do all the import work for you.