Auto responders

Triggered emails aren’t the same as a normal email campaign. They are typically very focused and might require a reaction of some kind from the user. You can use them to create trickle campaigns, send birthday wishes to your subscribers and welcome messages. They’re simple to get going and free with all PurpleFruit accounts.

Automatically send birthday wishes

Almost certainly the best recognized trigger is the happy birthday message. Lets quickly explain how it work’s. Just create your birthday campaign. Make sure you’re including your subscriber’s birthdays on your opt-in form. Then when your campaign is live, we will automatically send all your subscriber’s an email campaign wishing them a happy birthday. This is a great chance to send them a unique voucher or a reward card!

Renewal reminders

Triggered emails are a great way to reduce your postage costs when sending out renewals. You can send a sequence of emails encouraging customers or clients to renew or reengage. Everything is automatic. Just upload their termination or renewal date, create your reminder campaigns, then activate the campaign. If you offer online renewals, this is a fantastic way to promote your service and revive old revenue fast.

Set up a trickle campaign

Trickle campaigns are a sequence of emails. Frequently used to inform subscriber’s about a product or service. As an example, if your company has an online platform,when users sign up to your application, you could send them an email instantaneously after the sign up with information about how to access their account. A couple of days later, you could send another email and ask how they found their experience. Again a couple of days following that, another email can be sent asking if they want to add features to their account or packages. It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with your customers.

Send a welcome email after your subscriber’s opt-in

There’s no better time to connect with your subscriber than instantaneously following them opt-ing into your list. By using the triggered email feature, it is super easy to create a welcome email that will be sent the second your subscriber signs up to your list.