List Segmentation and personalisation

Really stand out from the crowd and get personal with your subscribers

Saved searches

Most people have come across emails customized or personalized, why not take that next step with some wicked ways to segment and target your subscribers with custom content, deals and promo’s.

Saved searches packing some power

Personalize your communications by a condition or dynamically validate your whole list for the condition, each time your campaign is sent. As an example, you could send a special promotion to customers who clicked on your link for a free taster or product trail etc.

Make a saved search for ‘Clicked On’ free taster

Special Promotions

You can then send a special promotion to customers who clicked on your link immediately, and a few weeks later.

Focus on the engaged subscribers

You can build campaigns that focus only on the engaged subscribers with a saved search, and new customers who click on the free taster or product trail can automatically be included into the dynamic list. Each saved search has an auto update feature that updates a dynamic list before each send.

Any of your custom fields

You can use saved searches with any of your custom fields, when contacts were uploaded, clicked / didn’t click, shared / didn’t share, plus lots more.