Live Reporting

See precisely when your emails have been opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and much more. We never charge you for additional reporting. We provide reporting on everything you need to gauge the success of your emails.


Identify subscriber that have opened your campaigns. This information can then be used to mail out follow up emails or saved and used to segment your subscribers in the future.


See precisely when a link in your emails has been clicked, you can even see the individual links that have been clicked on. So you can see exactly what content/promo’s your subscribers thought to be the most persuasive.


If we have a problem delivering your email, we let you know.The System will decide that the email is no longer active and will be removed automatically from your list and tell you to. We keep a log of any of your bounces that can be reviewed whenever needed.


We supply you with live reporting on whenever a new subscriber opts-in to your list or lists. We tell you if they opted in from a campaign, an opt in form or any another method you could offer your subscribers.