The Super Geeks Guide to Creating a Professional Subject Line

If you are planning sending out a number of emails to several customers and clients that you are hoping will jump on board and buy your products or services, then you need to make sure they do not click on the delete key the moment they set eyes on your header or subject line

SSSSHHH… Don’t tell anyone

It’s no secret that companies are still sending out emails by the thousand to attempt to get potential customers interested. In fact the practice has been increasing in recent years and despite all this those potential customers are hitting the delete button with ever-increasing efficiency. This is before they may even have read your email body. So if you don’t want your email ending up in the trash can of someone’s email folders then you need to find out how to get sharper and better than your competitor.

Emails Just not what it used to be..

There was once a time whenever we received an email we got excited.We asked ourselves who was it that was trying to communicate with us? That specific novelty has now long gone and if you want that promotional email opened up and read, you need to get wise.

So why is the subject line so important? Many subject lines that are unprofessional and carelessly penned will find their way straight into a spam tray without even going anywhere near one’s inbox. It is vital you avoid this by making sure certain keywords are not appearing in your subject line. There are a number of words on a so-called blacklist that could trigger an email’s spam filters to ready into action.

50 characters are Key

You need to be aware that the subject line is the first point of contact you have with the customer. They will read this line before even looking to the sender name. To get a winning email subject line you need to remember you have around 50 characters to play with. This equates to approximately 10 words but can be as few as seven.

Give em what they want

When penning that killer line, be sure you are offering something that your reader actually wants. Never waffle with your ten words either, don’t more your email subscribers, creating a email subject line that promises a “shopping sale you have waited for so long” is empty. What is it you are selling here? What exactly am I supposed to have waited so long for? These headers are a little too general and the right headline needs to show impact. Someone who enjoys fishing would warm to a header such as, “10 Top Fishing Shops in Surrey.”

Test Test Test

use split line or multivariate testing  to compare subjects lines on the same and different campaign versions, with the Purple system you can  automatically send the best.