The Importance of Social Marketing for small business

Building Customer Relationships

Social media marketing provides any new start up company with a foothold in advertising and building a relationship with your customer is the first thing that benefits from your online social media presence. Trust and goodwill are key factors that will go a long way in developing good customer relationships. Trustworthiness can be developed from the way a company or small business runs its Twitter comments, Facebook status updates and photos and Tumblr entries. Here you can increase the way you brand your company.

Crucial Engagement

It really can be a lot easier to engage with your customer on Facebook or Twitter than any other platform. Here you can start a campaign to interest your Facebook followers and generate revenue with offers or simply something to entice them to use your services for their needs. Engaging with your customer is crucial to any business and social media platforms are ideal for this. It is also worth noting that your search engine results will perform better by utilizing Facebook and Twitter on a regular, daily basis. The reason behind this is simple; the traffic flowing through Facebook and Twitter is so high that if your customer is involved in your business fan page and commenting, it’ll all end up improving your SEO.

Big or Small

If you look at every large blue chip organization or even any smaller company, you will find them on Twitter and naturally they will have a Facebook business page which they hope you will like. This page can be used to take images of your company and impress those potential clients. One very small business located in the UK consisted of one man and occasional assistance from his girlfriend cutting lawns, some gardening work and patio work. He opened up a Facebook business page, calling it Andy’s Lawns in Surrey, in which he slowly built up around 350 likes (mostly from his chums) and one afternoon he spent uploading some images of a lawn and garden he had tidied up the day before. The images were of the garden before he got to work on it and the after shots. He then published the excellent work he had completed on Facebook and the album alone generated around 47 likes. It was from this very album that spawned a few new customers to ask him if he could take a look at their patios or lawns.

The business has expanded beyond what he can handle now and he has even hired one of his friends to help him and his girlfriend keep abreast of the groaning order book. He also opened a YouTube account where he posts videos of some of the lawns he has tackled. The business is small and local but the same measures of success can be found with any national or international organisation. You would not be surprised to learn that this small business has soared up the Google search pages and has optimised page ranking position simply by the presence of social media and regular updates on Twitter.


There is a Platform for everyone

High and powerful traffic is established by the social media marketing your small business engages in. The different platforms available to you in social media are growing all the time. The latest kid on the block is Pinterest; a social media site that works like a pin board, not dissimilar to the
one that would hang on your kitchen wall. Users can create and manage themes. Andy’s Lawns has pinned several images of his work and used search terms like lawns, grass-cutting, gardening, patios, garden tidy and mowing as keywords and subsequently other Pinterest users have found some of these images by virtue of stumbling across them using search terms or keywords.

If you run a website you can drive traffic to this site by showing links on your Facebook page, having a link in the description on your YouTube video or a short URL link on Twitter which would drive traffic to your website.


Customer feedback is also an important part in establishing future business. We have all seen those testimonials posted on the sidebar of business websites from Mrs. P. in Suffolk or Mr. G, London saying what a wonderful customer experience they have had with the company. Many of us have long suspected these are not genuine but manipulated somehow. Even the profile of image photo is a stock photo. But reading customer feedback on your Facebook page gives a real feel of authenticity and genuine feedback resonance. This is just another reason why it is important that your small business engages in social media marketing.

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