Do and Don’ts for Email Marketing Campaigns in under five minutes

The battle field

Just take one quick glance at your email inbox, and the spam folder too; you will see it contains a plethora of different subjects and header that promise a better sex life, millions of Ugandan dollars from a Prince in west Africa, offers of 10% off your shopping and a free bet if you sign up to an online bookmaker. The list just goes on and on and on… get the idea

There will be in among them, mail from family members and Facebook notifications and Twitter direct messages. Let’s face it, it is solid and packed with so much spam and junk that it is often difficult to filter the worthy mail from the dirge.

First Impressions Count

If your email marketing campaign does not have a well-presented, well-written and respected design it will probably end up in the bin or the spam tray and go nowhere fast.Thousands of companies regularly send out an emails or newsletters with campaigns aimed at selling wares and generating custom.

To get the maximum effect from your email marketing campaign, you need to adopt a few strategies which will set you apart from the all the fluff. Firstly, make sure you include images in your email campaign.

Not too many you don’t want pictures with very little text, just a fine balance of images and pictures to text. If you are sending a campaign of around 350 words then perhaps two images, medium-sized and by working on that ratio you will straight away notice your email set apart from the text only spam nonsense that litters our trays day in and day out.

Don’t Embed

Avoid embedded images; these are images that are basically a link to a URL address which leads you to that picture. An embedded link image is not like a nice neat Jpeg image which translates perfectly into most email trays, embedded images often are incompatible with the email readers of most email server hosts. In the end your recipient will receive nothing more than a small red x in the top right hand corner of the blank image. I don’t know how you feel about this but I would say this looks somewhat unprofessional.

Don’t Forget The Plain Text

If you are sending campaigns to Gmail and Outlook 2007 mail servers remember that those clients do not support images. Therefore create a alternative image-free style mail that will easily translate as a form of back up to the image-rich one.

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