Is your website hosted in the UK? Might be worth having a look at that!

Don’t Cheap On The Hosting, Its A key Park Of Your Websites

Website hosting is probably one of the most crucial decisions you can make when it comes to web presence for your business. Ironically, this is precisely the part where allot of website owners pay the least amount of attention while making their way into the online world. Actually, it’s not surprising at all, website hosting companies normally just provide a few broad web hosting options such as shared or dedicated hosting, with most people leaning towards the cheapest option that will suit their purpose.

Understanding the Importance

Although understanding the importance of hosting is a key part of the success of a website, even more importantly with business hosting is where your website is actually hosted in the world, that is, the exact location of servers hosting your web, holding your data as such.

Based in the country your want to SEO

It’s a proven fact now that web hosting location can greatly impact a website. If you own a business in the UK, it’s highly recommended opting for a business hosting provider based in the UK. If you are thinking that it goes against the universal nature of internet, this article will surely prove to be an eye-opener for you. Okay, so you are a business owner based in UK, and your website is being hosted on a server located in US. If you think everything is going quite smoothly for you, you may be wrong.

Who R U Targeting?

You have to look beyond the obvious. What is the most basic purpose of a website? Okay, that’s not hard to guess; it’s to attract customers to your business located in the UK, right? This means that you are targeting mainly UK users. Have you ever thought how the search engines will perceive your business if it’s being hosted on a web server located in another country? Chances are that you have not. Let’s try to have a look at various benefits of UK hosting for your website if your business is based in the UK.

GEO Relevanceuk

One of the most important factors that Google and other major search engines use to determine the geo specific relevancy of a business is the location of its web servers. It’s a fact that local businesses are heavily dependent on local search. Precisely, this is where location of your servers matters the most. So, the easiest and a sure-shot way to attain high rankings in local search engines, and to attract hoards of local UK customers to your business is to use a reputable UK hosting provider for your website.

Trust and Support

Secondly, if you are a business owner in the UK, your main priority will be to serve UK resident. Therefore, you have to make sure that they can access your site in most efficient manner and with maximum loads speeds. You can achieve these goals easily by opting for a high quality website hosting services from a trustworthy company based in the UK, there is no real bottom price when it comes to hosting getting a reliable hosting company to look after your online business is always highly recommended.

PurpleFruit Power (love the cheese)

On that subject, we have been inundated with customer requested to host their websites, so as ever the PurpleFruit team have jumped into action and can now offer high speed, high quality UK business hosting. The kit is owned, setup and controlled by us. It is situated in a UK data centre with Tier 2 grade certification. This means that it is protected by main power failure with a diesel backup generator. The data centre is securely monitored 24/7 and the server is backed up nightly to another location.

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