The Secret Trick to Social Media Platforms

If you’re not already engaging your business with social media then now is probably the time to do so.

So why the huge buzz around social media marketing? Recent Research has shown that around a quarter of time spent online across the UK is spent by browsing social media websites such as, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc…

Social media allows businesses to build a strong relationship with their consumers as the public platform allows them to engage and communicate with each other easily. Not only is this essential in terms of being able to engage with consumers, it allows businesses to promote their services and to advertise their products effectively.

PurpleFruit understand that running a business is difficult and can be extremely time consuming and that there is often little time to be learning about every social media platform out there, especially with new ones appearing on a daily basis.

Our social media services allow us to recognise the most important social media platforms that can be applied to your business so that you are likely to attain the best returns. In order to do this effectively, PurpleFruit investigate the following:

Who is your target market?

Firstly, we identify who your customers are and what social media platforms they are likely to engage with. For example, LinkedIn is usually an appropriate platform for selling to other businesses, whereas Instagram works effectively for selling to consumers. Other influential platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, YouTube etc… can be applied to a wide range of businesses.

What product or service are you providing?

Are your products or services vibrant and appealing or are they niche and professional?
Products that are vibrant and visually appealing usually generate a higher success rate on image-led platforms such as Instagram, whilst other products and services that are professional and niche-related will generate better results on platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube.

e-market-socialWhat are you looking to achieve by using social media?

Another question that we will ask businesses or help them to figure out, is what do you want to use the social media platform for? Is it to drive traffic to your site, make sales, promote product/service awareness by advertising or to build a social following so you can interact with customers?

If you would like to show your products so that it drives traffic to your main website without having the cost of ads, then platforms such as Instagram would be the chosen platform for your business. However, if your products or services are not exactly visually appealing and are more professionally based then we will use platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn.

It’s important to realise that social media marketing takes time and careful planning to insure that the right social media platform is utilised for your business. PurpleFruit work with our clients to ensure that we ask them the relevant questions so that we can plan an effective social marketing strategy.

Putting your business onto Facebook is evidently the best step forward for your business due to the platforms popularity and vast reach. You can contact us today to find out more about our social media package and how we can help you convert sales through the relevant platforms.