The Top 5 Secrets for a successful SEO this Christmas


Today, freshness is now the focus of at least 3 or 4 Google algorithm updates each month, meaning the concept of social media and blogging really is that important. Search engines are much more reactive to what marketers do, and as a result “slow and steady wins the race” is not technically the case anymore.

When you start to plan out all the objectives that you will need to complete in the lead up to Christmas, it will usually span across the next 6 months. Several key objectives will remain the same and probably always will, however, it’s important to dedicate your time to observing, analysing and incorporating SEO activity with Social Media and Paid Search.

Here are PurpleFruit’s top 5 Secrets to a successful SEO this Christmas!

  1.      Make your website mobile friendly

Last Christmas, mobile search demand was increasingly popular, so if your site isn’t mobile accessible then you could be missing out on a serious amount of valuable traffic.

  1.      Use the same target pages each year

Historical link equity may not be as important this year as it used to be, however it’s still pretty important to start with a new set of pages each year. Once Christmas is over, relegate the pages so that they are no longer visible to viewers, but keep them linked from somewhere such as an HTML sitemap.

  1.      Plan an integrated social and SEO campaign

Plan this for December and support this with digital PR distribution. If this executed properly then this can decide on who ranks first during the all-important peak in search activity!

  1.      Take advantage of Google Merchant Centre

Google is now trialling a paid version of product search in; therefore it is likely to be the last year that you can take advantage of product search traffic without paying for it.

  1.      Monitor your competitors activities

The best way to keep on top of your game is by closely monitoring your competitors’ strategies and campaigns. Learn from their mistakes without having to make their mistakes and utilize their strengths to your own advantage.

We hope these SEO secrets have been of some use to you this Christmas!
If you need any assistance and advice in SEO or other marketing strategies then please do not hesitate to contact us. – We’re here to help!