seo-bgHow I reached the #1 spot in Search Engine Results

So what if we were to say that SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) were very much like a marathon race without a finish line and that your objective is to reach and stay at the number 1 spot.

PurpleFruit like to view this as a marathon rather than a sprint race as this not just about reaching the first page in search results; its about maintaining that position so that you continue to exist in the eyes of potential customers. Unfortunately, many SEO companies make the mistake of giving everything they have at the start to then lose it all a few months down the line.

Like a sprint, if you give everything you have at the beginning sooner or later you’re going to run out of steam. SEO needs to be maintained at a steady pace constantly otherwise your website will slip into obscurity and you will no longer exist within the search engine results.

To keep the number one spot in this marathon your website needs to be continuously and regularly updated. You need to appear relevant, evolving and current within the online industry because many search engines can spot a website that has stagnated for a few months. If your website does not appear to be current then the search engines will class you as outdated and you will be devalued from the results.

There are two approaches to SEO that we at PurpleFruit like to call ‘the sprint’ and ‘the marathon.’

The Sprint Approach

Many people become impatient and want results instantly because at the end of the day, the faster you get to where you want to be, the better right?

Wrong! – This unfortunately is an extremely common approach to SEO as website owners tend to focus on the now rather than the long term results. Website owners who magnetize themselves to SEO services who promise fast ranking results immediately often find themselves facing devastating consequences. These black or grey hat tactics can result in drastic ranking decreases, penalties and even disqualification from the SERPS.

The Marathon Approach

PurpleFruit understand that in order to be successful at SEO you have to look at it as though it is a marathon race. It needs careful planning and preparation simply because a marathon is different from a sprint.

Although speed is an imperative factor when planning your SEO strategy its equally important to take into consideration the methods that will sustain your number one position on search engine results. In order to keep you at the top, PurpleFruit use organic white hat tactics that requires building results over time through endurance, long-term drive, focus and commitment.


SEO explained – how does it work?

Lets say that your runner is the web page for a certain keyword in this race that is competing to stay at the top in the search engine results. When you look at the results at the moment for example, Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.. its like taking a photograph of the marathon that shows who is in the lead, who is 2nd 3rd etc…

However, this photograph does not show you how fast the runners are which can then lead you onto the misleading mistake of thinking the following:
“The site/runner at the front of the race must be outstanding”
“Look at that web page/ runner number 7 they’re not too bad”
“Look at this poor runner at number 72”

The photo does not show you how fast the runners are running and therefore for all you know, the runner in first place maybe running a lazy 5 mph and are only first place as they have been running since 1997. Whereas the ‘poor’ runner at position 72 had only started 2 months ago and is infact running at a staggering 220 mph. As you can see, appearances can be deceptive.

Here at PurpleFruit we believe that we are an SEO company that brings a very fast runner for our clients that withstands its high ranking position.

To make this analogy simple and easy to understand we’re going to reduce all SEO/SEM activity into a points system where the web page (otherwise known as the runner) with the highest points is the most successful in the race. Now lets say the 10 sites below are all on the first page of Google for keyword X and have X power or points:
Site 1 = 80,000

Site 2 = 76,000seo-pricing3

Site 3 = 75,000

Site 4 = 68,000

Site 5 = 67,898

Site 6 = 67,498

Site 7 = 19,872

Site 8 = 18,000 = your current web page

Site 9 = 17,000

Site 10 = 15,000

From the points above, your page for the keyword is currently sitting at position 8. Google finds more backlinks, your improved “on the page” factors and your newly added high quality content to your website and now Google increases your power from 18,000 to 20,000 allowing you to move to position number 7.

Subsequently, next month your site has evidently grown in power and is now at 30,000 points. Then the next month your site has now grown to 40.000 points and the month after that its grown again to 65,000 points.

At this point you may be losing some patience in thinking that you’ve been stuck at position 7 for 3 months now. However, you are not stuck infact you have a lot more power than before its just that you don’t have enough power to beat the site that is in front of you yet.

The next month you have had a slow month in gaining more power and so you only increase from 65,000 points to 70,000 however you have now beat the site/ runner thats in position 4. It appears that you have jumped from position 7 to number 4 overnight when infact it has taken a few months for you to gain enough power/points.

At PurpleFruit, we build up your SEO results like this in the marathon approach. However, the websites above you will be increasing their points too and running as fast as they can. With our runner gaining speed constantly and looking to overtake them, sometimes with SEO results on some keywords can happen either quickly or slowly.

Ready, Get set, GO!

The race has already started and its starting without you! Your competitors are building power and gaining speed as you read. If you haven’t already started your SEO with PurpleFruit then now is the time to do so. The quicker you act the better because the longer you wait the further you will lag behind and the more difficult it will be to catch up in the race.

Make the first page of Google and many other popular search engines on the web and become a strong competitor in the marathon race to SEO. Because if you’re not at the first page then we can guarantee that you are losing money in sales and leads.

If you are already running the race and feel like you’re getting no where then we can help assist you to reach the desired position within search engine results. All you need to do is give PurpleFruit a call now and we can help you with our no risk SEO services.