10 Signs that Your SEO is Irrelevant

Some important advice from the Purple Geek himself…

seoIt’s important that your SEO Company changes their strategy on a regular basis to avoid wasting time on activities that are no longer applicable. If performed correctly, Search Engine Optimization can be said to be one of the most effective marketing strategies a company can use.

Over time, trends change and so do search engines. When these changes are made it predominantly affects your strategy meaning you must refine your marketing techniques in order to save money and time.

Recent alterations to the Google algorithms continue to move the SEO industry away from link building for higher rankings to encouraging websites to use techniques that provide users with interesting and fulfilling content. These updates are constantly being refined so that they can find spammy activities that are intended to provide users with misleading results.

In order to be successful; you must be consistent. Through the use of “white hat” techniques your website will be able to stand out from the crowd of spammy websites.

Check out the 10 biggest changes that have taken place over the past year to keep you ahead of your SEO strategy.

  •      Keywords

Google Analytics have updated their privacy policy update meaning that organic keywords will not be included in your account.  To simply focus on keywords and rankings is no longer a good strategy to use as its impossible to predict and measure the return on investment.

  •      Link Building

Link Building simply for the purpose of ranking no longer works. Backlinks will now only work if they are built with the main purpose of providing the viewer with high quality connections that are viewed by real audiences.

  •      Web Design

Website design is more important than ever before. Standard on-page optimization is no longer cutting it and website-related issues such as page load speed and organic click-through-rate have become an important part of ranking factors.

  •      Long Tail Keywords In The Title

This is no longer applicable. Posts need to be fuller with more detail, have relevant references and include more media such as images and videos. If your posts generate high bounce rates, then this can easily damage your ranking results.

  •      Broad Keyword For Page One

In order to be placed on the first page of search engine page results, you will need to apply narrow keyword strategies and combine your location with your services.You must utilize niche related keyword optimization based on your geographic area.

  •   Localize SEO For Your Websites

It doesn’t matter if your query is not specifically location related, Google will still tailor results based on the searchers’ and the businesses locations. It’s important to combine local search practices with your SEO strategy.

  •   Visitors’ Security

You must use secure protocol, such as https.  The updated privacy policy plays an imperative role in enhancing your users’ privacy and it adds to your websites ranking results if adhered to correctly.

  •   Smart Device Compatibility

Due to its popularity, smart device compatibility has never been such a crucial ranking factor. You will need to create a website that is smart device friendly no matter the size of the screen.

  •   Authority Visibility

Becoming viewed as an authority within the industry is increasingly becoming more important than ever before. This means that having a website that provides clear and concise answers to industry demands, trends and problems in as many interesting ways as possible. It can be displayed in a variety of forms such as blogs, videos, illustrations and more. If you are not keeping up to date regularly with your online social community and creating awareness of your brand and services, you are most definitely behind schedule.

  •   SEO Schedule

If you truly want to see your business rise above the spammy clutter and competition, consistency is imperative. Technology, online tools and marketing trends are rapidly changing on a constant basis, meaning you must take action regularly in order to keep up with schedule. Make your audience aware of whom you are, demand to be seen and heard and make them aware of what you’re offering and why they should do business with you.

Ensure you and your SEO marketing specialists are aware of the ever changing methods so that they are not setting you back with the use of quick-ranking schemes.