Twitter Users Can Now Track Tweet Impressions, Engagement and More!

Recently Twitter gave access to its analytics data, introducing the option to view your Tweet activity on your mobile phone. The new version of Twitter displays a new feature that allows users to “View Analytics Details” allowing them to see data related to their posts including total impressions, users reached and much more.


Twitter did not officially announce the new feature to the Twitter iOS app, it was in-fact first spotted by The Next Web.


The Twitter Analytics feature is an insightful resource that allows you to see how well each of your updates on Twitter’s social network is engaging with other users. It was initially made for advertisers and publishers to track their impressions, replies, clicks so that they can improve their social media strategies. Although the company had previously offered advertisers data about their tweet performances, there was nothing available for organic tweets.


When viewed by the web, the dashboard displays organic impressions and engagements followed by charts that detail the performance, tweet previews, engagement metrics for each post, and even the ability to export your data.


On the mobile iOS app, the engagement data is displayed in a less detailed format, showing how many impressions and engagements your tweet received in addition to other relevant stats such as clicks, clicks to expand and favourites etc…


Although the data shows your total impressions and engagements on each tweet, the highlights will vary from each tweet as Twitter will show you the data that is relevant to your particular tweet, for example how many clicks have been made if you have included a link in your tweet.


Understandably, you will not be able to see the analytical data from other accounts.


The new feature is for iOS only however this could change as Android support is currently in the works, although Twitter has not launched a date for this at this time.


Happy Tweeting!