Top 10 Benefits of Working from Home (Real Survey Results)

“You can do your job wherever and whenever you want…you can even sit in your bed in your pyjamas for all I care…as long as you get the desired results we require.”

That’s been PurpleFruits opening line to all our new employees since the day we started.

The fantastic benefits of working from home have enabled us to hire incredible talent without the local geographical limits. The perks of working from home have allowed us to steal skilful employees from top competitors without the need to increase their salary. These benefits have allowed us to create a workforce that our company can be proud of.

The Benefits based on real surveyed results!

A recent survey carried out below was summarized in the Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, and displays the top 10 benefits working from home from an employee’s perspective. In reverse order:

10) Environmentally friendly (23%)

9) More time with family and loved ones (29%)

8) Less stressful environment (38%)

7) Quieter and more peaceful atmosphere (43%)

6) Eliminate long commute and travel expenses (44%)

5) Less distractions (44%)

4) More productive (45%)

3) Avoid traffic and lateness worries (47%)

2) Save fuel (55%)

1) Work/home balance (60%)

Although working from home works for us as a business, many employers are stubborn and don’t seem to like anything that’s no longer considered “old fashioned”.

The Microsoft paper states:
“Business leaders assume employees who work remotely and take advantage of the policy are not really working. This is because of the loss of control. Employers lose direct oversight and cannot witness productivity first-hand.” (Emphasis mine)

What PurpleFruit Think…

To me, this evidently highlights the problem AND the solution. Poor management leads to managers having the inability to set measurable goals and realistic outcomes. They often confuse “productivity” with “presence” because when they see their worker sitting at their desk, they assume their worker is “working” – when in reality, everyone knows a couple of ways to skive off work if they really wanted to.

My argument here is that if management were able to set clear goals and make direct regularities of communication, then they would be able to measure whether someone was working as they should, regardless of where the person was physically working.

How can I work from home and take advantage of these benefits?

We thought you’d never ask! Lucky for you, PurpleFruit are currently seeking experienced or aspiring telesales/telemarketing leaders and agents to join the team.

If you like the idea of working from home with flexible hours and the fantastic benefits as explained above from the survey, then a career with PurpleFruit might just be for you.

Click below to take a look at our current vacancies. Be on your way to enjoying these wonderful benefits of working from home today!

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