The Top 5 Digital Marketing Lessons EVERYONE Should Learn

Taking a long hard look back at the year that was, here at PurpleFruit we have compiled a list of the top 5 digital marketing lessons that everyone should learn for 2015. From persuasive content marketing to the demise of the exact match keyword, these lessons, if taken on board, can support and allow your business to achieve greater recognition, expansion and profitability.


1 – Quality over Quantity

It’s important that marketers develop a thorough understanding of their target demographic audience before they begin anything else. This will allow you to create content that’s strategic and engaging so customers and prospects can respond and adapt to whatever it is that you’re trying to say or achieve. Quantity is irrelevant; you need to focus on quality targeted content creation in order to see the ROI results you’ve always dreamt of.

Additionally, if there is one thing we have learned when it comes to Google, it is that things will always change. Be brave and stop stressing over exact keywords and instead focus on quality content that audiences so desperately want to read.

Moreover, if you stop wasting time worrying about the search engine and start focusing on the customer, Google will take notice and reward you for it!


2- Personalise everything!

Using cookies, algorithms and programmatic marketing allows you to deliver personal marketing campaigns that can really hit the nail on the head. Businesses that are able to target their prospects with individual recommendations will lead to richer and more responsive customer experiences and, in the end, increased sales. Recent surveys have shown that people really do spot the difference in personalisation and that 78% want to see it. Please remember that everything and anything that can be personalised must and should be, and you will need to focus closely on how to target customers as individuals.


3- Social media is not always free!

Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook have really pushed businesses towards paid advertising this past year. It is said they are planning advanced techniques that will allow businesses to stifle organic reach with more content than ever before.

Unfortunately, gone are the days where social media was completely free and organic reach was easily obtained freely. Paid media is set to become imperative when it comes to targeting your audience, so take this on board and brush up your social media skills sooner rather than later.


4 – Become Mobile!

Did you know that mobile was predicted to be the most significant digital marketing trends of the year? Astonishingly, businesses are STILL failing to grasp its importance. It is predicted that this year will be the year where mobile usage will surpass desktop for the first time in history; with experts suggesting that over half of marketing content will be read from a smartphone or a tablet device.

But, please remember that it takes more than to simply ensure your website and emails are mobile friendly. You will need to create an expansion of mobile technology, from mobile interactivity, payments and cross-device consumer experiences. This year, mobile is no longer an extension of the desktop; it will stand in its own right to deliver a unique and enhanced experience. Mobile is no longer an extra add on to your digital strategy; it needs to be adopted and utilised across your entire marketing strategy.


5- The customer is BOSS

Businesses are now aware of the strong importance of individualisation. Yes, while there were momentous technological advances made in 2014, the most valuable one of all was from the focus of a personalised user experience. Over the past year, here at PurpleFruit, we have noticed that many businesses have shifted their focus from pricing and features to creating a more satisfying customer experience.

If there is one lesson that you can take away out of the five said above, it would be the last one – you must understand who your customers are. It is only then will we be able to realise what they really want and be able to deliver it in a way that would appeal to them.

Make it your priority to know your customers inside and out. Think like your customer, become your customer, identify their buying patterns and their aspirations. The more you know about who you are targeting, the more chance you have at being able to convey the ideal message. Make this year all about your customer and you just may be shocked at the results!

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