Exclusive: Expert Web Redesign Tips You Must Know

Whether you manage a website for personal or business use, chances are you may be due a makeover in the design department. So, the main question here is where do I begin?


Set a target for your new design

Before you do anything, you must press the pause button and stop to think about your new content. In doing this, you will gather a clearer understanding of exactly what your website will achieve. The clearer you are about your planned actions, the easier the design process will be and as a result, you will generate satisfying user results.


Review your website

You will need to thoroughly review your website and make a note of what’s working and what’s not. This will include making choices on what you want to keep and what you want to throw out the window. Take into consideration any feedback and complaints from users in addition to any metric information you can or have obtained from Google Analytics.


Focus on simplicity

Many designers get carried away with extremely creative graphical elements that can often be a distraction from the main content. It’s important to note that businesses cannot have it all right away; they must evolve just as the website needs to evolve, and this takes time. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day…


Learn from your competitions achievements and mistakes

The method of competition analysing will enable an outsider user to determine how well your website performs compared to the websites of your competitors.

A thorough evaluation will allow you to develop a greater understanding of exactly what works and what doesn’t as from the perspective of an outsider. This is definitely more effective than you simply analysing the website of a competitor to try and find out what you think is better and more interesting.



Take on board what you’ve learnt

Competition analysing can also help you with evaluating features that you will consider in the future for your website. Make sure you consider whether the users consider your website to valuable and/or how it can be made better. Their opinions will determine whether or not you will include certain features to your website in the future.

Other benefits of this assessment are risk reduction, which will allow you to see which features are pushed too hard on your website. Make yourself aware of the problem sooner rather than later and take advantage of the opportunity of looking at other websites, as these are often seen to be early adopters.

Be sure to examine features that are similar to those on your website as you may find that their features work slightly better than yours. Take notes of how they work better so you can improve on the elements on your own features and at the same take notes of their mistakes so you can avoid making them too.


And to summarise…

To conclude, before making any changes to redesign your website, ensure you understand fully all of the various pros and cons that are apparent in your current design. Take the time to really analyse the websites of your competitors so you can broaden your knowledge and gather different ideas.

The main benefit of having a competition analysing test is to ensure you gain a clear insight as to why certain design elements work and do not so you can make better choices as you move forward.


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