Revealed: The 5 Top Tips To Use LinkedIn For Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn is unarguably one of the largest social networks on the planet, with over 150 million users worldwide!

LinkedIn is slightly different to other social networking sites as it focuses specifically on networking with recruitment consultants and potential employees. However, savvy salespeople and marketers are now using LinkedIn as a significant source to new leads and tangible revenue.

Sales agent, Anna Bratton suggests that LinkedIn is “the best tool we have for business development.”

We are going to share with you some of our LinkedIn secret tips that we use daily at PurpleFruit so you can turbo charge your chance of increasing revenue and leads!

Tip 1: Grab every opportunity to connect

Before you get started seriously on LinkedIn, you’re going to have to take a long hard look at your contact list. If your contacts are made up of family and friends then you you’ve got some work to do.

Connections are the tree trunk to lots of branches of connections. Your first level contacts will lead to many second and third level connections. Strike when it’s fresh in your mind and send a connection request so they can follow up quickly.

Tip 2: Map your prospects effectively

One of the most important things our Social Marketing Team at PurpleFruit use LinkedIn for is mapping out the decision makers within their target prospects. They work with large multinational companies to smaller companies that involve influencing individuals in making a purchase.

People put an awful lot of information into their profiles such as, their teams, what projects they’re focusing on and their interests etc… This information will allow you to quickly build up an image of the person and who they interact with. This will allow you to gain a clearer picture of the type of people you will need to influence to make a sale.

You’d be surprised how much people put in their profiles – which team they’re in, which office they work out of, what projects they’re focusing on. With a little detective work, you can quickly build up a picture of who you should be talking to, what they’re like (check out their recommendations) and what they’ve done before.

Tip 3: Unlock a smarter way to search

LinkedIn has a great search facility that allows you to find people from their title, email address, location or keyword. If you manage to upgrade your account to premium you will be able to add company size and seniority level too! If you are clever enough you will be able to utilize these filters to dig deep and identify potential individuals.

Tip 4: Take advantage of groups

Not only are groups useful for finding out more about industries and providing you with a common reason for making contact with a prospect. They are additionally useful for:

–        Providing you with further insights into a prospect company

–        You can see more of an individual’s prospect details that is restricted to 1st level contacts

–        Gives you a reason and capability to create more connections

Tip 5: Look and Look back!

You can see exactly who has viewed your profile! This can work for you in 2 ways:

–        Because someone has looked at your profile it gives you the perfect excuse to reach out and send them a connection request

–        If you look at other peoples profiles, 9 times out of 10 they will look back

What are you waiting for?

So that’s it – how our PurpleFruit team use LinkedIn for developing and managing sales and leads for our clients. You have to remember that LinkedIn will not make a sale automatically for you, but by using the social networking site intelligently you can gain a palpable advantage over your competitors. It works for PurpleFruit and it will work for you!

More Information…

If you would like some more information on how we use LinkedIn for sales prospecting, all you need to do is give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.