PurpleFruit have some very exciting news to share with you all…


Your email account will be upgraded to a more robust and feature-rich email marketing solution on September 1, 2015….at NO EXTRA COST!


And there’s absolutely no catch! Your account including your email campaigns, templates, lists, contacts, and more, will be seamlessly transitioned to a new platform that includes such advanced features as targeted workflows, industry-leading A/B testing, the most powerful segmentation and reporting tools on the market, and over 800 email templates to choose from.

So, lets get straight to it by showing you the fantastic new features you have to look forward to…

*A brand new robust platform with superior segmentation and reporting*

* Over 800 email templates to choose from!*

*PurpleFruit’s Contact Engagement Scoring allows you to measure the amount of subscribers and engagements so you can segment your campaigns for more profitable results.*

*Sign-up and subscription forms are available in a whooping 8 languages to allow a clearer connection with your international audiences.*

*Effectively segment customers, create targeted email and multi-channel marketing campaigns and send triggered shopping cart abandon emails.*

*Our new feature easily tracks contact habits or events and receives real-time information as and when they will happen*

Contact Engagement Scoring

PurpleFruit’s new email platform provides you with a single number, in addition to a star rating, that is used to measure the level of engagement with your email campaigns from your customers and prospects. Each customer will have their very own personalised score that is based on their activity (or lack-of activity) with your email campaigns, to help you send more targeted and relevant emails.

Multi-Lingual Forms

PurpleFruit users can now even create sign-up and subscription forms in a number of different languages such as:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Polish

and more!

This allows you to reach out to your international audiences on a whole new level.

Real-time Data

You can now feed custom applications with real-time information on critical actions and events that occur in your PurpleFruit email platform. You can choose the events, triggers and any data points that you need to instantly receive notifications on things such as, email opens, subscribes, list creation, etc…

Need Assistance?

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