How To Convert Likes Into Leads: B2B Social Marketing


Social marketing is becoming more popular and influential than ever before within the world of B2B marketing, and rightly so, as this gem of a platform is now generating staggering lead generation rates and strong brand awareness.

Social marketing should 100% play a part in any B2B marketing campaign. However, it may be difficult for people to figure out where to start with the best ways to harness the power of B2B social marketing to ensure they gain measurable results. PurpleFruit have set up this guide to go through the basics to get you started:


Build strong foundations

In order to make lead generation truly effective, you will need to set up a solid social marketing foundation and structure. Marketers will need to be able to clearly identify your target market and send out relevant messages to these particular demographics.

You should plan in advance a well structured content framework so you can categorise content into either, premium, free, or supporting content. Premium content will be valuable content that customers usually subscribe to and pay for, it provides exclusive information/secrets/tips etc.. On the other hand, free content is often short snippets or tasters of the premium content in the form of a blog or landing pages to push traffic to the premium content or website. Last but not least, the supporting content is the short content that promotes your business and content through tweets, statuses and posts.

Once the content is organised and categorised, you will then need to understand the lead journey in order to provide the best possible user experience. A positive user experience will potentially maximise conversion from social platforms.

The best way to achieve this is to first use wireframes so that you can optimise landing pages, forms and thank you pages so that the whole experience runs as smooth as it possibly can.


Learning how to choose the right channels

Within today’s society, there are more social media channels out there than ever before, but in our experience at PurpleFruit, there is always one obvious choice for the B2B social media marketing race: LinkedIn


As you probably guessed already, LinkedIn is the number 1 place to go to for B2B social networking and to support this, Oktopost ran a survey that shown over 80% of all leads from B2B marketing have all come from Linkedin, with just 13% from Twitter and 7% from Facebook.

Additionally, their research shown that most of the lead conversions on LinkedIn took place after 2pm with the majority coming from discussion groups.


How to optimise your LinkedIn marketing campaigns to boost conversion

Oktoposts findings have shown that 1 out 3 of all conversions from LinkedIn would provide a question in their posts in the discussion groups.

You need to ensure your post on LinkedIn provides readers with value, so that it is not just overly-salesy and allows you to build trust and a reputable reputation for your brand. By doing this, your business will become the forefront in the reader’s head when they do come to consider making a purchase.

Moreover, Twitter does surprisingly have some fantastic benefits for B2B lead generation. The secret is to tweet lots on a regular basis by using popular hashtags. This will improve your analytics which will in turn provide higher rates of leads.

Its imperative that all marketers understand where, when and how the conversions happen within the B2B social media platforms. This can be done through focused analysis of which platform, at which time and which group, generates the most and better leads.


The more detailed lead information and analytics you can get, the better you will be able to optimise your marketing campaigns. Platforms that allow marketing automation will enable you to nurture leads, analyse their habits and value, and prioritise them to produce better quality leads.

If you are looking at giving B2B social marketing a go as part of your lead generation and brand awareness strategy, give the Purple geeks a call today. We can assist you with a fantastic strategy that will kick start your campaign instantly.


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