How WordPress fuels your site with Super Power

This History

In the past, many people rely on manual coding for websites. They make use of HTML, CSS, PHP and other software just to create the website that they need for their businesses. It takes a lot of time for a single website to be completed and creating a good management system is never an easy thing even if you have a lot of programmers working for you. All of these changed when WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform in 2003. If you are a business owner, here are some of the important facts from the PurpleFruit Geeks that you need to know about WordPress site.

WordPress Design

WordPress can be used for free and if you decide to have your own site, you don’t have to pay a huge amount of fees for your website. You practically pay thousands of money to your programmers, but a single WordPress design only costs a little. It means that you can have your own website without spending a lot of money.

A WordPress site is quite easy to manage compared to traditional website creation methods. It already has a built-in platform where you simply need to post the articles that you want, add pictures and more. In just a few minutes, you can publish your work without any additional help from professionals. As a matter of fact, even a newbie can use this blogging platform. It is user-friendly as well so the visitors of your website will not have a hard time browsing on the contents of your website. It means that it is not only beneficial to the blog owner, but also to the visitors who are searching for information.

Plug-in Power

WordPress is also powered with hundreds of plug-ins that you can use to improve your experience in this blogging platform. Plug-ins is made to ensure that all your blogging needs are provided. There are some that are also used for security purposes. The research and development for new plug-ins for this blogging platform is continuous, and you can expect added features and benefits in the near future.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

WordPress can be used for business or personal reasons. You can share your thoughts and experiences through this blogging platform, and you can also create business blogs to bring more customers and traffic to your money site. This is something that only WordPress can provide you.

The opportunities with a WordPress site are definitely endless because as years go by, the creators of this blogging platform are continuously improving the site. You can power your blogs with the use of WordPress and expect more things in the future. If you are thinking about creating a blog or establishing a website online, a WordPress site might be a good choice.

Website from just £199

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