Van Compare

HTML Template coding & Email Marketing Platform

About the business

Van Compare is one of the UK’s leading specialist van insurance comparison services. The legendary Chuckle Brothers are Van Compare’s mascots and have only further promoted their success.

The Problem

The business development team were using outlook as their email platform to send large volumes of individual marketing emails from their company email addresses.

Van compare’s database consisted of approximately one million contacts with an extremely expensive marketing platform that enabled them to send the same generic emails to their entire database. Unfortunately as the months went by, their results were dropping and their unsubscribes were rising thus allowing their contact list to rapidly deplete.

Our plan of action to provide a solution

In order to help Van Compare save their database and marketing strategy, we worked closely with their marketing manager James McConnell and began to segment the database together. This allowed us to focus on identifying the insurance renewal dates for existing and new customers.

By doing this, it allowed us to trigger relevant campaigns during the period that the client was in the insurance market. These triggers included making dynamic changes to content so that it enabled us to maximise every opportunity to reach each customer with the relevant marketing content that would apply to them.

The Result

Here at PurpleFruit through hard work, dedicated focus and endurance, we provided the results that Van Compare desired. We targeted and engaged with the audience at the right time, that allowed us to produce a substantial saving in costs each month as we were able to avoid irrelevant emails to the wrong target market.
Our refreshing approach to the email template creation allowed us to create new templates and relevant content that instantly boosted the opens rate by 22%, and increasing the click through and conversion rates by almost double.
PurpleFruit didn't just create the campaign; they helped me understand the tools and strategies behind their ideas so that I could work alongside them. This allowed me to improve my own skills and to get to know the guys - which was great fun! Our Email marketing has truly been revolutionised.