RCS London

Search Engine Marketing

The Purple Approach

Firstly we revised the website analytics such as the traffic sources, time spent on the site, bounce rates and visitor to customer conversion rates. Once this was carried out we then carried out a detailed keyword research so that we could carefully choose the relevant keywords that would successfully apply to the business.

Additionally, we observed other competitors in the market so that we could analyse which tactics work for them and which don’t. This involved research into their SEO strategies, backlinks and content, allowing us to avoid the same mistakes as them and to use the same tactics that work to our advantage.

We then created strong on page improvements to the site making it visually appealing, relevant and current. This involved including some powerful backlinks to ensure that the site would adhere to the rules of google and other search engines and so that it would be seen as high ranking within search results.


We had achieved fantastic results, with the website ranking on the first page within search engine results for 90% of their keywords. These keywords focused around “IT Support Services” and “IT Support Company in London”
Additionally, there was a 68% rise in new visitors to their website which then lead onto a steady stream of new enquiries and customers picking up on of the Tourism Boards.”