Peninsula Business Services

HTML Template coding & Email Marketing Platform

About the company

Peninsula Business Services are the leading provider of employment law and health & safety services in the UK.

The Problem

The business development team were using outlook as their email platform to send large volumes of individual marketing emails from their company email addresses.

The first problem that became instantly apparent to us at PurpleFruit was of the risk of their main domain being blacklisted. We had to alert the company of this risk along with other risks, such as being picked up by spam filters and there being an overload on their server that could potentially cause tragic problems with their daily transactional emails.

Our Purple Approach

In order to fix this and prevent these risks from happening we had to firstly start by setting Peninsula Business Services up with their very own account on our PurpleFruit email marketing platform.

This platform is a much better option than using outlook as it is specifically designed to cater for sending large volumes of marketing emails.

Our highly skilled and super creative in house design team worked to create a visually stunning email template that would boost click through and opens from potential/existing customers. In addition, we coded the email template so that it would be fully editable and mobile friendly.

The Result

Taking the company away from using their local email client and sending marketing emails via the PurpleFruit email platform completely eliminated the risk of being blacklisted or creating domain issues in the future.

Additionally, this strategy allowed them to develop further knowledge and a detailed understanding of customer engagement through the email systems reporting features.

Furthermore, we helped them use a branded email template to help align their marketing efforts whilst additionally building brand awareness. This gave the company a lot more freedom in their design and content to create an email that they desired and that was visually appealing with relevant marketing content.

Since making these changes the overall brand recognition and user engagement with customers and potential customers has increased dramatically.

If you're looking to target your audience, create a targeted email, monitor results and increase your sales then PurpleFruit are the guys for you! Their email marketing service has been fantastic and has truly made a dramatic increase in sales for us here at Peninsula Business Services.