Genuine Solutions

Ecommerce Platform

The Purple Approach

Firstly, we needed to identify the current internal system set up and find out what we needed to do in order to improve this area and move forward.

Custom scrape tools

We used custom scrape tools to allow us to collate the most popular handset information and to directly upload it onto the database. Any remaining information required could be manually updated. Once this task was completed, PurpleFruit had managed to create Genuine Soultions’ first ever product compatibility database.

Live product feed

The challenge was not yet complete; we had to lastly offer the customer a live product feed. This involved working with a diverse portfolio of customers who all use different platforms, and the ability to create their very own custom API.


PurpleFruit predominantly created an online presence for Genuine Solutions that reinforced the following:

> Increase Product Awareness
> Reach out to a wider audience
> Cost Effective
> Accessible to consumers 24/7
> Increase sales

A visually stunning and cutting edge Magneto website with a standalone product compatibility database was created that boosted sales and product awareness instantly.

Additionally, the API that was created allowed a backend interface for Genuine to admin xml feed that included reseller costs and the ability to turn accounts and products on and off from the interface, as well as being able to control the reseller markup.

The whole GS team would like to say a big thank you to the PurpleFruit guys, you have truly revolutionised the way we sell online, we couldn't have asked for any more.