Fury as YouTube carries sick Hillsboro video insult

An Unexpected video mocking Liverpool fans being crushed at Hillsborough remained released on the web site, YouTube for quite some time.

The footage, released by someone proclaiming to be a Manchester United fan, has triggered outrage in Merseyside.

Hillsborough Support Of Family Members Group secretary Phil Hammond, whose 14-year-old boy Philip was one of the 96 sufferers in the 1989 tragedy, recently mentioned he was shocked and sickened with the YouTube entry that's entitled “muppets around the fence”.

He went on to show his disgust with YouTube, wondering whether anyone monitors what goes on the website or other similar websites. He further went on to explain how the person who posted the footage needed to take a long hard look at themselves if they are a MUFC fan and particularly after what happened when they played in Lille a couple of days back.

The nasty sequence begins with an image of graffiti spread on the wall yards from United’s Old Trafford ground which reads: “Welcome you killing Scouse ba****ds”.

Then it cuts to horrifying footage from Hillsborough, showing:

* The chaos outside the ground right before kick-off.

* Liverpool fans being crushed against fences inside the Leppings Lane end.

* People anxiously trying to flee the carnage.

* Panicked fans being swept up on stretchers.

* Fans being resuscitated round the pitch.

* The reviled first page in the Sun newspaper, headlined The Truth.

The succession finishes with a picture from the Red Devil, MUFC’s emblem, urinating on the Hillsborough memorial at Anfield, with the message, 96 Wasn't Enough.

Anne Williams, who lost her 15-year-old boy Kevin at Hillsborough, immediately ordered the video to be removed from YouTube and that those involved to be banned.

She mentioned that the whole thing was horrible. Further explaining how she found it hard to assume who'd do that sort of thing and why.

Anne found it hurtful to know that people are generating fun from the disaster through which 96 innocent people died. She understands that there is banter and chanting within the match, however, this went far beyond normal football competition.

Moreover, Anne stated further concerns regarding YouTube, expressing that on-site managers need to take better care of their website as they should not allow such distressing material on the internet.

The footage was released by someone while using username “Fenceater 96 Productions”.