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You have just found the most reliable SEO service in Farnham. As one of Surrey's leading SEO companies we Integrate our specialist search knowledge to build an SEO campaign that generates measurable results.
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  • Ben I want to personally thank you so much for your efforts, I think you and PurpleFruit are phenomenal, definitely know your stuff and are top tier. Learnt a lot from you and you’ve really helped me along the way.

  • May SimpkinMay SimpkinCo-Founder at Optimum Living Health Retreats

    Ben has helped me create a new website, working with me over many hours to optimise my approach. His expertise in the field has been invaluable without which I would not have understood how to make my website and marketing work for me.

  • Excellent advice and service when having to change servers for my website. Very professional and friendly too!!

  • Ravi Rayarel, DirectorRavi Rayarel, DirectorRCS London

    When that first customer called and said we found you online it was extremely exciting! After a few smaller customers we later picked up some incredibly well known brands and clients including one of the big The Tourism Boards

  • Anjoy KitchenAnjoy KitchenSee Website

    PurpleFruit really understood what we wanted to achieve, they could see the same vision that we could; it was such good fun working with the PurpleFruit team. I would recommend them to any business.

  • James Mc’Connell, Marketing ManagerJames Mc’Connell, Marketing ManagerVan Compare

    PurpleFruit didn't just create the campaign; they helped me understand the tools and strategies behind their ideas so that I could work alongside them. This allowed me to improve my own skills and to get to know the guys - which was great fun! Our Email marketing has truly been revolutionised.

SEO Services in Farnham

Our team of Farnham SEO experts have closely researched the causes of our client successes and crafted a bespoke SEO package that offers value and fantastic results. Our PurpleFruit SEO Services will allow you to gain authority over your competitors and boost your overall brand credibility. Make your brand stand out from the crowd so you can reap the rewards and profits! Our clients generate so much more online and we can prove it!

SEO Consultants in Farnham

Our PurpleFruit SEO experts in Farnham love nothing more than to get to know their clients, their businesses and their goals. We want to help you to build, shape and own your online space. Because if you don’t, your online competitors will. Our Geeks will bring your ideas and concepts to the forefront for your specific audience to access and appreciate. In doing so, we ensure you are never passed off with irrelevant account managers or other go betweens who know nothing about your project. Instead, you will always talk directly with a Geek who is working on your project in detail.

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SEO Review Explained:

Our SEO ensures you are always one step ahead of competitors in organic search results.

Included in your SEO review are the following:

  • Hosting/IP address check
  • Indexed pages checked against published pages
  • Content management check
  • Title tag and meta tag checks
  • Analytics setup
  • Search engine webmaster tools review
  • Sitemap check
  • Competitor review
  • Keyword ranking review

and so much more!

Once we have carried out your SEO review, you are then free to make up your own mind as to whether you would like to implement the outcomes yourself or with our PurpleFruit in-house experts. We would be more than happy to assist you on implementing our recommendations to boost your business online.

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