Doormatic Garage Doors

Search Engine Marketing

Background Information

Doormatic is an independent company that were founded in 1995 and are without a doubt the South East’s largest garage door supplier.

It was evident to see that Doormatic had a dramatic problem that needed urgent attention in order to save sales and promote brand awareness. Doormatic had been online now for over 10 years with an old website that was not maintained or updated regularly, which then of course lead to organic website ranking and website traffic to decrease dramatically.

In order to keep up with today’s most powerful search engine in the world, Google adwords, we had to double the budget and take instant action.

Our call to action

First of all we needed to research and analyse the main problem, this involved applying SEO onto the main doormatic domain alongside some new booster websites that would help us gauge the results.

After 6 months it was evident to see that the booster website had performed better and out ranked the main domain, making it clear that google had penalised the domain name.

We then moved confidently forward with our new booster website by registering a new domain and building a brand new website with iframe on the old domain to keep it for the brand. The new website appeared to be professional, current, relevant and regularly updated so that it would ensure that Google and other search engines would not penalise the site.


One year later the new domain for Doormatic is now ranked in Google for over 200 effective and carefully selected keywords. The website traffic is now up by a staggering 113% along with organic traffic that has taken over 62% of the entire website traffic with continued growth each month. This has enabled Doormatic to once again reduce their monthly budget without losing any of the traffic.
We were able to reduce website traffic cost by 4 times the amount in comparison to the average PPC visitor which cost £4.30 and the average organic SEO visitor at £1.10.
My website has been a critical tool to the business’s success, watching it slide in Google was a very stressful time, having to use google adwords more and more just put additional financial pressure on the business. Ben and the team worked with me to put together a long term strategy to recover my main site and start working on a more solid SEO foundation for the future.