Anjoy Kitchen

Wordpress Web Design

The Challenge

Anjoy Kitchen is a new upcoming restaurant located in London in between Hoxton and Old Street. They provide its clientele with the perfect backdrop and a spectacular array of the finest authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Anjoy were hungry for business and were ready to start right away, they wanted to create the first of many franchise restaurants that would serve customers from all around the world in the UK.

Moreover, they were aware that they would first have to rely on creating a strong online presence as this would be vital in promoting their product to a wider and bigger audience.

The Purple Approach

Firstly, it’s imperative to know that no matter the size of the business, from two employees to a hundred, every business will benefit from having a website. Period. There is very little these days that cannot be sold over the internet, with more than 20 million shoppers online purchasing everything from clothes to toys to real estate to boats to garage doors, you name it!

Our first objective was to create the foundations and heritage behind the company, this involved developing their business through content that would describe them as appealing as possible to customers. Our designer then used this information to create a visually stunning website that would ultimately launch their brand online and in store..

Once the website was created, we now wanted to promote the website and the business even further by engaging their personal brand with social media. This would involve creating a Facebook and Twitter account to post status updates, pictures and tweets to promote offers, new food etc…
Potential and existing customers would be engaged and followed to understand their need and to promote the product. PurpleFruit believe that if you behave consistently in social media then you will successfully build your personal brand in the process.

Additionally, we created an SMS and Email marketing campaign that would enable the following:

> Target potential customers of the brand
> Call to action
> Increases brand and product awareness
> Easy to track and gather report
> Cost effective

This campaign allows us to reach a targeted audience effectively giving them the option with a call to action such as, ‘Get your exclusive discount code for your first meal at Anjoy’.


PurpleFruit were able to build solid foundations for Anjoy to start from with a visually stunning website, a social media marketing platform in place and an SMS and Email Campaign strategy ready to launch.
This not only increased their brand and product awareness to potential customers, it built a strong foundation for the business that provides them with the potential to build a franchise on in the future.
PurpleFruit really understood what we wanted to achieve, they could see the same vision that we could; it was such good fun working with the PurpleFruit team. I would recommend them to any business.