Brand & Ecommerce

The Challenge

4our phone is a leading online mobile phone accessories supplier in the UK providing accessories such as, headsets, phone covers, chargers, ear phones etc…

Our challenge was to help get this business up and running in the online world of marketing by creating their brand and an ecommerce website with up to 1000 products..

They additionally wanted to create an ebay store so that they could feed customers to their main website.

The Purple Approach

Firstly, we had to create a brand that would be memorable and able to reinforce its difference from competitors. Designing and developing their brand involves much more than just creating their logo, we had to create consistent brand messages that would focus on the qualities and values of the mobile accessory company.

In essence, we had to develop a brand that is distinctive and that reflects their overall identity, for example we wanted to portray them as upbeat and lively like ourselves at PurpleFruit, so we applied a bright and engaging colour scheme to their marketing materials.


Additionally, once the brand was created we had to apply the brand to all of our online marketing strategies such as the main website and the eBay store website.

We built them a creative website that applied brand and product awareness to target a wide demographic audience. In addition to creating a main website for the company, we designed and coded an ebay store that would directly feed customers onto their main website.


PurpleFruit were able to create their own brand that gave them individuality and personality. We enabled the company to identify their core values and to apply it to their brand, building differentiation from other leading competitors in the market.

We then developed the brand further and applied it to their very own website. This involved creating a visually stunning website that captured potential customer attention and provided them with a strong idea of the company’s values.

The Ebay store that was created drove hundreds of extra customers to their website that was much more cost effective than any other marketing technique.

Their website allowed visitors to quickly find them on the internet and gather knowledge on what their business has to offer. Additionally, we were able to create high efficiency as we reduced under orders of stock by p90%

The results were effective and provided the following:

> Positive Brand recognition
> Product Awareness
> Cost Effective
> Increased visitors on website
> Increased sales

PurpleFruit really understood what we wanted to achieve, they could see the same vision that we could; it was such good fun working with the PurpleFruit team. I would recommend them to any business.