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Google and Bing, as Search Engine Crawlers, go through the internet looking for millions of websites per week. They give importance to different factors than us users do, but the end, we all look for the same thing...
Image describing how search engine crawlers work

Title Tag length

According to the best practices for title tag character count, your title should be up to 70 characters including spaces. Although is important to bear in mind that Google's maximum title length is around 65 characters.

Characters: 0 / 70 recommended maximum.

Meta Description length

Meta descriptions can be any length, although Google will only show 2 lines of content, which corresponds to around 160 characters. The meta description should be written in an intelligently and compelling way leading the searcher to click.

Characters: 1/155 maximum recommended.

Google Search Results Simulator

This tool allows you to simulate a keyword Google search using a specific title. This tool intends to simulate and allow users to preview results and it should be considered an approximation of actual results.

Enter Your Full Title Text:
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur eget mollis elit. Vivamus non tortor tortor...

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This is your meta description. Google truncates after roughly 160 characters which is normally displayed in 2 lines...